Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tips To Clean Your Washing Shower Curtains & Rugs

Shower curtains are very important in our life because it provide privacy for people and also keep water inside the shower to prevent the floor from folding and causing damage. And more importantly it gives gorgeous look to your las vegas apartments bathroom. Most of us think curtains and rugs are clean and hygienic because curtains are regularly in contact with water. But the moist conditions that are left after a shower give the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. So if your bathroom has regular traffic, shower curtains and bathroom rug sets should also be washed. Otherwise, there will soon be a collection of soap scum around the bottom of the shower curtain where it trails into the shower. So a complete bathroom cleaning includes when only every fixture, the floor, rugs and shower curtains are clean.

Mould and mildew can also collect on shower curtains. So you need soak the shower curtain in a bleach solution in the bath for a few minutes before placing it into the washing machine. These curtains can attract the soap scum so it makes the bathroom dirty. If you want remove these soap scum then remove the curtains put it into washing machine and add the detergent and a cup of vinegar to a hot wash. This will help your curtains clean and hygiene. Last thing every one has doubt that how often wash our shower curtains and bathroom rug. Generally it depends on the people traffic your bathrooms receive. Like if you are more than five people then washing shower curtains and rugs once a week should be sufficient. Single people or couples can choose to leave it for an extra week. And also it depends on pets also because pets like to lie down on rugs in the bathroom or play near the shower curtain. For this reason I wash my houston apartments bathroom curtains every week. So keeping shower curtains and bathroom rug sets clean can help contribute to a healthy, hygienic bathroom.

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