Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Associates Like To Stay Jobless Than Go For Retraining

People are more desperate about finding some job instead of staying at home without income. The recession has swept away the jobs of many people in the form of pink slips and lesser recruiting. There are many people who are working for even 70 percent lesser pay, to help them cope up with the recession.

In contrary, there is a certain group of people out there, which says that it is better to stay jobless than changing into some other career and start everything again from beginning.

According to a survey conducted by You Gov Centaur, 20 percent of law associates say that they would take being without a job than change to another practice area for income.

Though 20 percent is minor part of the entire group of law associates, I feel surprised that there are so many people who are so loyal to their career and won’t give up for any critical situation.