Friday, December 21, 2007

Norton AntiVirus Versions 2007 & 2008

Norton AntiVirus (NAV) is a popular product of Symantec Corporation and is one of the most widely used antivirus programs. Norton AntiVirus automatically detects and removes viruses, spyware, adware, and other potential security risks.
Norton AntiVirus is sold as a standalone product and is also included as part of Norton Internet Security and Norton SystemWorks. In addition, there is also a standalone corporate edition version called Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition. It is aimed at a centrally managed corporate environment and has different features not present in the traditional retail version of the software.
Version 2007 (14.0)
After many years of customer complaints regarding the speed and system resource utilization of the product, Symantec responded in 2007 with a much needed rewrite of the code in an attempt to make the product lighter and faster. Installer size in Norton AntiVirus 2007 was reduced by utilizing 7-Zip technology.
Norton AntiVirus 2007 automatically detects and blocks viruses, spyware, rootkits and worms. Several of its key features are Rootkit Protection which finds and removes hidden threats in the operating system, Internet Worm Protection that blocks viruses, spyware and worms without specific signatures, email and instant message scanning that detects, removes or blocks infected attachments and Full System Scan which performs a deep scan to remove existing viruses, spyware and other threats. Norton Protection Center provides a central place to easily check overall security settings. Its Live Update™ Notice alerts you to new features, product updates and threat advisories as available throughout the renewable service period.
Version 2008 (15.0)
Norton AntiVirus 2008 was released on August 28, 2007. It includes new features such as SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) technology, which detects potentially malicious code before traditional virus definitions are available. SONAR works by monitoring programs behavior rather than looking for signatures. Norton AntiVirus 2008 also includes Browser Defender, which protects Internet Explorer from drive by downloads and unpatched exploits. Norton AntiVirus 2008 also includes One-Click Support, Home Network Security Status (displays status of Norton AntiVirus on all PC's in your network), and improved performance (about 60% faster than Norton AntiVirus 2007.

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