Monday, October 29, 2007

How to Find a Friendly Apartment for Your Kid

When I am searching for an apartment in San Diego I have found and moved later into an apartment in which I felt it has every thing that I am looking for. What did I look for? Answer is simple. Like most of the parents I wanted my child grow in healthy conditions. My major issues of selecting that San Diego apartment is safety, entertainment and my child’s desire.

My primary priority in selecting apartment was safety of my child. Other than the basic features of the apartment I’ve confirmed that it has well furnished appliances, a strong gate to that doesn’t let strangers come in with ease, strong locking systems to doors and windows, proper lightening arrangements around the apartment, etc.

Next thing is for readily available entertainment—hopefully in the form of fellow kids—is a great way I though to keep kids interested and excited about their apartment living situation. I have asked the management and residents if there are many kids around and if they kids play with other children in the apartment complex. I have asked my child what he wants in our next apartment. As like many children he asked the same that he need playground, fellow kids to play with.

I can say one thing confidently “its worth compromising on some amenities to live in a place where your child can safely walk to a playground or friend’s house.”

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