Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rod Khleif: Architect of his Own Future

I am a real estate dealer and about four years back I was very low as my business was not doing well. Then a friend of mine from Florida has talked to me and spoke to me about Rod Khleif the real estate giant. We all know him as a real estate giant but at the initial phase of his career he failed in the business and almost lost everything. He even painted house in order to earn money. But one day realized that his actual dream is to go in the real estate and he decided that he will face what ever he need to face and started building his career. Now he is one of the big name which are been taken in the real estate business. he was the architect of his own future and reached the place which he may not dreamt of at that phase of life. After hearing the story of Rod Khleif I got motivated and worked hard I my business is doing well today.

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